Feature Request

Hide Columns in the form view. (11)
Change Choices When Cancelling New Record (3)
Paginate results from references from existing sheets. (2)
Apply This Formula - Confirm before execution (10)
Right-click on a value to filter list by that value (4)
Additional User Type - Anonymous (5)
Kanban sorting within a column (3)
Formula Box Too Small (3)
Upgrade Grouping Report, add average (3)
Add/Remove entries within the edit mode in listing view (4)
Make editing in listing view more user friendly (2)
Select from other Sheet (5)
Stars next to reference embedded records (3)
iFrame support inside a Ragic form (3)
Mobile e-mail action (7)
Static fields Mobile (8)
Move saved reports into other sheets (5)
Rows per page for Form View Subtables (13)
Export Reports as excel (3)
Tabluar based editing (9)
Zapier Update Record Functionality (6)
Feature Request - Different Sheet Name at Listing View and Form View (7)
Report/ chart embed (3)
Convert Record | Automapping (5)
Kanban titles when group by category show markup (used to set color for list view) (2)
Auto populate other fileds when I input the information in the first field (4)
Adding Filter Folders (3)
Schedule Report Feature - weekly/monthly (11)
Calculate Function for Subtables (3)
Background Cell (4)