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Tabluar based editing (9)
Zapier Update Record Functionality (6)
Feature Request - Different Sheet Name at Listing View and Form View (7)
Report/ chart embed (3)
Convert Record | Automapping (5)
Kanban titles when group by category show markup (used to set color for list view) (2)
Sheet breakdown structure (4)
Auto populate other fileds when I input the information in the first field (4)
Adding Filter Folders (3)
Schedule Report Feature - weekly/monthly (11)
Calculate Function for Subtables (3)
Background Cell (4)
Notify a specific user when a single cell value changes (7)
Subtable Merging - Wishlist (3)
Conditional formating rules execution sequence/order (4)
Conditional Formatting (13)
Conditional Format Selection in Alphabetical Order (2)
Mobile App whitelabeling or branding (2)
Stop displaying dual warning messages (3)
Import Zip file of CSV data (2)
Mail Merge for Users (6)
Custom Forget Your Password (2)
Custom From address in Welcome Email (3)
Hide lines not just fields & descriptions (3)
Print Conditional formatting (like background color) on Listing page (5)
Counting number of choices in Multiple selection (2)
Java postworkflow (4)
Highlight searched term (2)
The ability to check/edit a custom email (1)
Backup/Restore a single sheet (2)